Paper topics

Paper 2 topics

Answer one of the following questions:

— What is the significance of the goddess Venus for Roman politics and poetry?

— “It cost so much to found the Roman nation” (Aeneid 1.33). What, according to Vergil’s epic, are the costs of empire?

— To what extent is Vergil’s Aeneid a reflection of contemporary Rome?

— Discuss the depiction of power and tyranny in Seneca’s Thyestes. 

— Discuss the figure of the father in Roman life, politics, art, and literature.

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Further instructions:

  • Your second paper is due April 26th. 
  • This paper must be 5-7 pages in length and will make up 20% of your grade.
  • Format all papers double-spaced with Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1” margins at top and bottom, 1” margins on sides.
  • Papers must be printed and handed in (not emailed) on the stated date to your Teaching Fellow at the beginning of the lecture.
  • All papers MUST include references to primary sources discussed in this course (in lecture and/or in section).
Study Guide

Midterm Study Guide

The Midterm examTuesday March 20th (wk 9) — will include:

  • Course quiz: questions on Roman history, literature, culture (30 questions)
  • Commentary: identify and comment on literary passages and/or art object (answer 3 out of choice of 5)

Click here for the pdf of the study guide, or see the jpegs below. You will also receive a physical copy of this in lecture on Tuesday March 13th.

The study guide includes all of the questions that can appear in the course quiz, and all of the objects that could appear in the commentary section. Additionally, I’ve given you two examples of what questions in the commentary section will look like (pp4-6), along with sample answers for you to study. If you have any questions about the midterm, or how to prepare for it, be in touch with your teaching fellows or myself.

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