bibliography & resources

There are four books which are required for this class. I will also frequently be referring to other primary texts from ancient Rome. These I will post to the blog so that you can consult them directly. Additionally, I encourage you to follow up concepts touched upon in lecture or section by consulting the following books. Call numbers refer to holdings in Mugar Memorial Library.

Cambridge Ancient History vol. VIII, 2nd ed. Rome and the Mediterranean to 133 B.C. 1989.  [Mugar: D57.C252]
Cambridge Ancient History vol. IX, 2nd ed. The Last Age of the Roman Republic, 146-43 B.C. 1994. [Mugar: D57.C252]

The World of Rome. An Introduction to Roman Culture. 1997. Jones & Sidwell. [Mugar: DG77 .W73 1997]
A History of Rome.
 2009. 4th ed. Le Glay, Voisin, Le Bohec. [Mugar: DG209.L3613 2009]
A Brief History of the Romans. 2013. 2nd ed. Boatwright, Gargola, Lenski, Talbert. [ISBN: 0199987556]
Ancient Rome. An Introductory History. 2000. P. Zoch. [ISBN: 0806132876]
As the Romans Did. A Sourcebook in Roman Social History. 1998. 2nd ed. J. Shelton [Mugar: 
HN10.R7 S45 1998]
The Oxford Illustrated History of the Roman World. 2001. [Mugar: 
DG231 .O94 2001]  

The Beginnings of Rome: Italy and the Bronze Age to the Punic War (c. 1000-264 BCE). 1995. T. Cornell [Mugar: DG233 .C67 1995]
A Critical History of Early Rome. From Prehistory to the First Punic War. 2005. G. Forsythe. [Mugar: 
DG209 .F735 2005, and online access

A Handbook of Roman Art. A Survey of the Visual Arts of the Roman World. 1983. M. Henig, ed. [ISBN: 0714823015]
Roman Art.
2010. P. Zanker. [partially available online; Mugar:
N5760 .Z3313 2010]
The Power of Images in the Age of Augustus. 1988/1990. P. Zanker. [ISBN: 0472081241]
MFA Highlights: Classical Art. 2008 [Mugar: N5603.B68 M87 2008]
Roman Art. Ramage & Ramage. [Mugar: 
N5760 .R36 2005]

Latin Literature. A History. 1994. G. Conte, trans. by Solodow, revised by Fowler & Most. [Mugar: PA6008 .C6613 1994]
Roman Literary Culture. 2013. E. Fantham.
 [Mugar: PA6003 .F36 2013]
The Roman Revolution. 1939. R. Syme. [online access
Intellectual Life in the late Roman Republic. 1985. E. Rawson. [Mugar: 
DG241.2 .R38 1985]
Judicial Reform and Land Reform in the Roman Republic. 1992. A. Lintott. [Law: 
KJA3461 .L56 1992]

Slavery in the Roman world. 2010. S. Joshel [Mugar: HT863 .J67 2010]
Slavery. Antiquity and its Legacy. 2009. P. duBois. [Mugar: HT861 .D83 2009]
Race. Antiquity and its Legacy. 2012. D. McCoskey. [Mugar: DF135 .M36 2012 ]
Slavery and Society at Rome. K. Bradley. [Mugar: HT863 .B7 1994]
Goddesses, Whores, Wives, and Slaves. 1975. S. Pomeroy [online access; HQ1134 .P64]
Roman Women. 2007. E. D’Ambra. [Mugar: HQ1136 .D35 2007]