Paper topics

Paper 1 topics

Answer one of the following questions:

— How does Plautus’ Iran Man dramatize the differences of power between the free and the enslaved?

— How are women portrayed in Plautus’ Iran Man and the poems of Catullus?

— To what extent is Catullus’ poetry “counter-cultural”?

Grading Rubric: 

Papers will be graded according to the following criteria of content, style, citation. I expect you to quote the ancient evidence directly in order to make your argument. Although you should feel free to use the ideas we discuss in class, the best papers are those which go beyond the classroom discussion and generate original analysis upon the texts.

Exemplary: A (95-100%), A- (90-94%)
Answers the question with a sophisticated argument and is eloquently written.
Many well chosen quotations from ancient sources, properly cited.

Good: B+ (87-89%), B (84-86%), B- (80-83%)
A good argument, which may come close to answering the question.
Some contact with ancient sources.
Perhaps occasional slip of grammar or spelling.

Adequate: C+(77-79%), C (74-76%), C- (70-73%)
A vague argument, does not answer question.
No contact with ancient sources.
Several problems with grammar or spelling.

Insufficient: D+ (67-69%), D (65-66%)
A weak or non-existent argument.
Does not answer question.
Contains factual errors or irrelevant details.
Uses inappropriate or unattributed sources.

F (0-64%)
Does not complete assignment or inadequately completes assignment.

Further instructions:

  • Your first paper is due Tues 22nd Oct.
  • This paper must be 4-5 pages in length and will make up 15% of your grade.
  • Format all papers double-spaced with Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1” margins at top and bottom, 1” margins on sides.
  • Papers must be printed and handed in (not emailed) on the stated date to your Teaching Fellow at the beginning of the lecture.
  • All papers MUST include references to primary sources discussed in this course (in lecture and/or in section).
  • Refer to the info on exams, assessment, policy: